Today is a perfect day to introduce our new elementary school counselor, Mrs. Pam Fish! You might know her as one of our fifth grade teachers, but she is an educator of many talents and has now shifted over into her counselor role. Please join us in congratulating her on this transition! #CarmelCougars #YouAreALeader #IMPACTtheFutureHUSD
10 days ago, Carmel Elementary School
Not only do we have a new Assistant Principal, we also have a new 5th grade teachers! Mrs. Melissa Courts joined our team right before winter break. She is in her 8th year of teaching and is so excited to be a Cougar! #CarmelCougars #YouAreALeader #IMPACTtheFutureHUSD
12 days ago, Carmel Elementary School
Welcome back, Cougars!! To start our week, we are thrilled to introduce our new Assistant Principal, Rocio Jacobo, who began her journey as a Carmel Cougar today! Please join us in welcoming her to our family! #CarmelCougars #YouAreALeader #IMPACTtheFutureHUSD
13 days ago, Carmel Elementary School
This blustery, wintry day is a perfect time to remind our Cougar families about our Winter Reading Challenge! All students went home on winter break with a challenge check off sheet and bag of goodies to kick off their winter reading activities. Check in with your child's teacher on their individual requirements for students to be included in our super fun event later in January, which will include FREE Kona Ice for all kiddos who complete their challenges! Show us those pictures of challenges being completed in the comments! #CarmelCougars #YouAreALeader #IMPACTtheFutureHUSD
18 days ago, Carmel Elementary School
Winter Reading Challenge
Throwback to last Friday's fun! Mrs. Oldenkott's 6th graders had a blast building and decorating their gingerbread houses! #CarmelCougars #YouAreALeader #IMPACTtheFutureHUSD
26 days ago, Carmel Elementary School
TK/Kinder kiddos had a very special visitor today! So many smiles on the last day before winter break! #CarmelCougars #YouAreALeader #IMPACTtheFutureHUSD
about 1 month ago, Carmel Elementary School
santa 3
Santa 2
Santa 1
santa 4
We just don’t think Grinch day could have been any cuter! #CarmelCougars #YouAreALeader #IMPACTtheFutureHUSD
about 1 month ago, Carmel Elementary School
Grinch Day
Cougar Families ~ Today's PTA meeting (at 4:00 pm) will take place via Zoom. The link is below. Zoom: We also have an ELAC meeting at Carmel (in the pod) this Thursday, December 16th, at 10:00 am. The flyer is below. Flyer: We hope to see you there! Familias Cougar ~ La reunión de hoy de la PTA (a las 4:00 pm) se llevará a cabo a través de Zoom. El enlace se encuentra a continuación. Zoom: También tenemos una reunión de ELAC en Carmel (en el pod) este jueves 16 de diciembre a las 10:00 am. El volante está a continuación. Folleto: ¡Esperamos verte ahí! #CarmelCougars #YouAreALeader #IMPACTtheFutureHUSD
about 1 month ago, Carmel Elementary School
Parent Meetings
One of our Cougar families was recently impacted by a fire that sadly took their home. Mrs. Bunch’s class quickly jumped into action by bringing in gift cards, toiletries, clothing, books, and other items big and small to support their classmate and her family with getting back on their feet. What an incredible way to show kindness, model teamwork, and exemplify leadership!! #CarmelCougars #YouAreALeader #IMPACTtheFutureHUSD **Shared with permission from the family.**
about 1 month ago, Carmel Elementary School
Hesperia's Jolly Parade December 17th from 4pm-7pm. If you missed Santa at one of his stops, join us at Civic Plaza Park at 7pm for photos and hot chocolate!
about 1 month ago, Hesperia Unified
Jolly Parade Flyer
Our kinder Cougars were on the hunt today for their missing gingerbread men. Who knew they would escape the oven and hide out in Mrs. Adams’ office?! #CarmelCougars #YouAreALeader #IMPACTtheFutureHUSD
about 1 month ago, Carmel Elementary School
Gingerbread 4
Gingerbread 3
Gingerbread 2
Gingerbread 1
We have been super blessed by the Elks Lodge with jacket donations for students in need! They donated brand new jackets for 19 of our Cougar kiddos, absolutely free of charge. Thank you so much to Darlene for organizing and delivering! We love knowing these kiddos will be nice and warm when the winter weather hits! #CarmelCougars #YouAreALeader #IMPACTtheFutureHUSD
about 2 months ago, Carmel Elementary School
Friendly reminder that we have our next School Site Council meeting this Thursday at 4:00 pm in the pod. All parents are welcome! Agenda: #CarmelCougars #YouAreALeader #IMPACTtheFutureHUSD
2 months ago, Carmel Elementary School
Check out our awesome winners of the Red Ribbon Week poster drawing contest! Way to go, Cougars! #CarmelCougars #YouAreALeader #IMPACTtheFutureHUSD
2 months ago, Carmel Elementary School
Red Ribbon Week Winners
Red Ribbon Week Winners 2
Red Ribbon Week Winners 3
6th grade was working their magic in Mrs. Galarza’s class today! Their edible cell diagrams were impressive! What a great way to use up that extra Halloween candy! #CarmelCougars #YouAreALeader #IMPACTtheFutureHUSD
2 months ago, Carmel Elementary School
cell diagrams
Our Cougar Robotics team is ready for today’s competition! Wish them luck! Live stream: #CarmelCougars #YouAreALeader #IMPACTtheFutureHUSD
2 months ago, Carmel Elementary School
One of our decorated doors was accidentally left out of our first round of voting for the Red Ribbon Week door decorating contest! Let's try this again with a new vote, including all 8 submissions! Voting will be open through Friday. We can't wait to see who wins! Link: #CarmelCougars #YouAreALeader #IMPACTtheFutureHUSD
2 months ago, Carmel Elementary School
Door Decorating Contest 1
Door Decorating Contest 2
As part of Red Ribbon Week, our site hosted a door decorating contest specific to being drug free! Take a look at the photos below and vote for your favorite! The winning class will be treated to a special prize! Voting closes Wednesday at 5:00 pm! Link to Vote: #CarmelCougars #YouAreALeader #IMPACTtheFutureHUSD
3 months ago, Carmel Elementary School
Door Decorating Contest 1
Door Decorating Contest 2
Friday's Red Ribbon Week/Halloween dress up and trick-or-treat event was a HUGE success! Thank you to all of our families that donated candy/trinkets, and to PTA/Carmel Staff for putting together such an amazing day for all of our Cougar kiddos! It was such a special day! #Carmel Cougars #YouAreALeader #IMPACTtheFutureHSUD
3 months ago, Carmel Elementary School
Trick or Treat Event 1
We are “dreaming to be drug free!” What a comfy, cozy day! #CarmelCougars #YouAreALeader #IMPACTtheFutureHUSD
3 months ago, Carmel Elementary School
red ribbon 4
red ribbon 3
red ribbon 2