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Beginning January 8, we will be embarking on a drive to assist our students obtaining a digital library San Bernardino County Library system. We are focusing on literacy throughout the district and this will be a great avenue to begin the journey for our students. The student will have access to thousands and thousands of digital book and media.

I.T. has pushed out the “Cloudlibrary” application to the Chromebook for both teachers and students to house the digital books.  As soon as the students receive their digital cards, they can begin to utilize the digital check out system. Students will need to receive permission from their parents to apply for the library card and it is a relatively easy process to complete the application. (Please see attachment and link.) Once they have registered, they will receive an email that contains a password and library card ID number to access the digital library.

We really want to encourage our students to access the digital library!

So here’s the deal…

We are going to initiate a friendly competition amongst the schools for the students to apply for library cards. The three schools who have the highest percentage of their students with digital library cards issued will receive $5000 for library/media improvement (courtesy of Darrel Nickolaisen). The competition will last from January 8th through January 31st. Students that already have a digital card will be counted in your total percentage.

Please create your own process for retaining registration data for completed library cards. 

This is an amazing opportunity for HUSD and we hope you will be successful in this challenge. If you have any questions, please call me.


Link to registration: 

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